Owning Your Career with Simone Morris

In this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Simone Morris. We discuss how you can get in the driver’s seat and take control of your career. Simone spent two decades in Corporate America and in the last few years started her own company; where she is the CEO at Simone Morris LLC. Simone is an Educator, Author, and Diversity Expert. Purchase her new book The Power of Owning Your Career. You can support Simone by purchasing her book and connecting with her on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Be in the driver’s seat of your career!

— Simone Morris

Identify the people you need on your team to be successful.

— Simone Morris

Find the courage to ask for what you really want!

— Simone Morris

No just means Next Opportunity!

— Simone Morris

Heal from the wounds of “No”.

— SImone Morris

Create the outcomes you want in your career.

— Simone Morris


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December 12, 2018