By 35 You Should…. with Ashley and Marcy From The Schoolin Life Podcast

What are those things we should stop doing by the time we are 35; that are no longer serving us in our careers? Learn from my guests Ashley and Marcy from the Schoolin Life Podcast.  Schoolin Life is a weekly podcast about life, love & (occasionally) libations hosted by Ashley & Marcy and extends the standard “girlfriend” conversations through impactful and affirming conversations with women all over the world. Get ready to listen, laugh and learn as Ashley and Marcy are both Ph.D’s (Higher Education Administration and Clinical Psychology, respectively) and bring their educational and professional lived experience into this hilarious and heartfelt show, teaching you how to “school life”.  Connect with them @schoolinlifepod  and Follow Ashley (@AsShire) and Marcy (@be_self_ish). Also join their one-year anniversary live show at : 

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Learn to take on special projects—that’s how you learn and grow. Leverage your influence. #by35Ishould

Don’t wait to ask for anything. #by35Ishould

Stop focusing on needing a mentor, but figure out how you can use your influence to help someone else. #by35Ishould

Take risks and move into leadership roles (Managing). Don’t play it safe. This will help your competitive advantage. #by35Ishould

Practice interviewing and selling yourself. Put yourself in positions where you can talk about yourself. #by35Ishould

Resumes: Make sure your skills and proficiency aren’t dated. #by35Ishould

Use your vacation and sick days wisely. Plan strategically. #by35ishould


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June 27, 2018