Put Some Respect On My Check with Tanya Tarr (Black Women’s Equal Pay Day)

On this bonus episode of Secure The Seat, I discuss Black Women’s Equal Pay Day (8/7) with Tanya Tarr. Tanya Tarr is Vice President for the North American region for AdvantageSRING, a global commercial negotiation consultancy based in the United Kingdom. Tanya delivers world-class training and development to corporations and organizations in the United States and Canada, and also manages business development for the region.  Tanya is also a negotiation executive coach and writer. Since 2016, she has been a regular contributor to Forbes, where she writes about leadership, negotiation technique and equal pay around the world. Tanya elevates stories at the intersection of where negotiation skills express leadership and profitability.  Previous to coaching and writing, Tanya worked for seventeen years in political and legislative campaigns across the United States, at all levels of government.


Find more of Tanya’s writing at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tanyatarr/


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Episode notes:


Self attribution and Black identity



Nielsen – Black Girl Magic represents 1.5 Trillion buying power



Writing as intervention for boosting women’s achievement



How Black women navigate race and gender



How Black women beat the odds



“A Belief in Self Far Greater Than Anyone’s Disbelief”: Cultivating Resistance Among African American Female Adolescents Tracy Robinson EdD & Janie Victoria Ward EdD

CLICK HERE for full citation


The Psychology of Self Defense: Self Affirmation Theory



Claude Steele https://steele.socialpsychology.org/


Combating Stereotype Threat: The Effect of Self-affirmation on Women’s Intellectual Performance 



Deflecting negative self-relevant stereotype activation: The effects of individuation



A Longitudinal Study of African American Women and the Maintenance of a Healthy Self-Esteem



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August 6, 2018