The Women of Color Equity Initiative

On this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, our host Minda Harts introduces the launch of The Women of Color Equity Initiative.

I started The Memo (a career education platform to help women of color prepare for their seat at the table) almost three years ago as a way to provide professional development and community engagement for women of color in the workplace. At The Memo (me and my co-founder Lauren) we’ve helped facilitate training for over 3,000 women of color and counting. While excited as we’ve been to partner with black and brown women on their way to the C-Suite; I am continually thinking about ways to bridge the gap between entry-level roles and access to management roles. Around 11 percent of WOC hold a managerial position, less than 8 percent hold a Sr. Managerial role, and less than 4 percent are in the C-Suite. With the number of educated women of color in The United States, there’s no logical reason why women of color do not occupy more of these roles.  Each week, I have companies reach out to me and ask if I know a woman of color who might be interested in a particular position, and now I want companies to be able to connect with you directly!

We can no longer accept the false narrative of a faulty pipeline issue when it’s the lack of opportunity. No matter how many professional development courses or conferences you attend, it won’t matter if you don’t have ACCESS, OPPORTUNITY, and EQUITY!  I have created The Women of Color Equity Initiative to help close the gap between women of color and those who identify as women of color and the roles that we aren’t actively recruited to occupy and secure.

The WOC Equity Initiative aims to increase the number of women of color in management and C-Suite roles in corporate and not-for-profit work.  While many women of color are opting to leave the traditional workplace and become an entrepreneur, many want to continue to advance their careers in a more conventional setting, and we need to invest in their success as well.

The WOC Equity Initiative achieves this by connecting professionals with companies and organizations that want to recruit and retain women of color to enter a healthy, inclusive, and equitable work environment.  My hope is this initiative will help impact the number of women of color advancing into management and senior roles in the workplace across industries by Winter 2019. You have worked too hard to turn back now!

Interested in participating in this initiative or know someone? Please complete this survey, and once we have acquired at least 200 names, I will create a searchable database available to companies to connect with you for future roles. Anyone who is dedicated to supporting the advancement of women of color in the workplace is welcome! This initiative does not discriminate against age.

If you are a company or organization that is interested in partnering with me to increase the number of WOC in managerial roles, contact me at

*Your information will not be sold! The data obtained via the survey will be privacy protected. Once we have reached 200 names, the database will be created, and you will be notified before we make any information public for companies to access.


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September 12, 2018