The Women of Color

Equity Initiative

The WOC Equity Initiative aims to increase the number of women of color in management and C-Suite roles in corporate and not-for-profit organizations.

Roughly 11 percent of WOC hold a managerial position, less than 8 percent hold a Sr. Managerial role, and less than 4 percent are in the C-Suite. The WOC Equity Initiative is committed to seeing more women of color advance into management and senior roles across industries by Winter 2019. Let’s partner to make the future of work—more equitable!

Women of Color Professionals

Are you a Woman of Color that would like to be recruited, retained, and advanced into an inclusive and equitable work environment? Are you tired of not having access to the opportunities that will move your career forward? Are you exhausted from working in an environment that is fine with you being the “only” one? Join The WOC Equity Initiative and add your name to our private database. This searchable database will help connect you to Companies and Organizations that are ready to invest in your career development.

Companies and Organizations

The WOC Equity Initiative (A Sourcing Database Tool) connects vetted professional Women of Color to Companies and Organizations who want to recruit and retain women of color. Let me help your company create a healthy, inclusive, and equitable work environment. The WOC Equity Initiative database provides access to hundreds of ready-to-hire women of color that represent a variety of fields from: Tech to Finance to Non-Profits and more! What side of history do you want your Company or Organization to be on when it comes to investing in Women of Color? If you are committed to recruiting, retaining, and advancing women of color that match the skill sets you desire—schedule a consultation so we can access your workplace culture and needs.

*The WOC Equity Initiative is not just a “list” of names to fill your quotas; together we will create an environment in which your next diverse hire feels included and has the ability to thrive!